A Unique Proposition

OOH Advertising’s method of OOH measurement has evolved over time, with data sources ranging from census data, traffic authority data, hardware related solutions such as cameras or sensors to app-based ping data. These gradual improvements in methodology have seen success over time. We at AIMs, powered by Eureka, are confident that our solution will solve a myriad of the pain points of other audience measurement solutions.

The Key Difference

Legacy App-Based AIMs
Data Source
  • Census Data
  • Traffic Authority Data
  • Aggregated mobile application pings
  • Ad-Exchanges
  • Telco Data(always switched on)
Data Points
  • Limited to manual tracking
  • Sporadic app usage; 5-10 use per month
  • >20 mil data points
  • >5,000 data points per subscriber
  • > 55 billion data points for the Malaysian market
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Historical and Periodic tracking
  • No live data
  • Inaccurate sample
  • Limited audience intelligence
  • No directional data
  • Tracking of a substantial portion of the population, depending on telco partnership
  • Tracking done on constant and continuous basis
  • Location precision enhanced with AI
  • Direction specific data, not just bound by a general radius around a lat/long.